QTR Estate is planted to a little under six acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and almost an acre of Chenin Blanc. Planted, by design, in small blocks allows us to be specific with how we grow, select, and vinify the fruit both sustainably and with the highest quality in mind.

In 2015, wanting to add a white wine to our portfolio and knowing the soil and elevation were perfect for this varietal, we T-budded a little less than an acre of Chenin Blanc. At one time Chenin Blanc was planted everywhere in the region but there are now only 14 total acres of Chenin planted in the whole of Napa Valley; of which we are one.





1 0.07 337 2000
2 1.94 337 2000
3 0.78 169 2008
4a & 4b 1.75 7 2000
5 0.31 337 2000
6 0.79 Chenin Blanc T-Budded 2015