The Bibliowiczs


After raising their children, Jess and Natan found themselves taking stock. Despite both having successful careers, they began to feel the desire to explore a few interests they’d continually put on the back burner, and ultimately find more opportunities to connect with family and friends.

One such interest was wine and, never ones to shy away from a project, this led them to acquire the vineyard property that became QTR. Another interest was an ongoing passion to brew beer which led to the founding, along with their two sons, of Four Noses Brewing Co. which produces artisan beer in Broomfield, Colorado.

Natan is from Bogota, Colombia and recently retired from a successful career as an architect in New York City. An enthusiastic brewer and baker, it is rare to visit the Bibliowicz’s and not leave with some of Natan’s recently baked wares.

Jessica is a native New Yorker and has devoted her professional career to the world of finance. A Cabernet lover at heart, she’s often on the back deck overlooking the vineyard, sharing a wine from her cellar with visiting friends and family.

Thomas Rivers Brown


Hailing from the great state of South Carolina, Thomas developed an interest in wine while studying at the University of Virginia. A move to the Napa Valley in 1998 launched a now twenty-year career that has made him one of the most sought-after winemakers around.

Thomas crafts wine of exceeding character and excellence. His intuition about and connection to each vineyard site, what it needs, and how to coax from it the very best it has to offer is unrivaled. Known for his non-interventionalist style coupled with his understanding that no two vineyards are the same, Thomas allows each wine he makes to establish its own identity and truly express where it’s from. He is the best of the best and to say we feel lucky he joined our team in 2016 would be an understatement.

Jim Barbour

Vineyard Manager

Jim Barbour was raised on his family’s ranch in Rutherford where he learned the life of farming, a passion for land, and the understanding that hard work breeds success. After graduating from the University of California-Davis, Jim returned to Napa Valley to begin a career that would lead him to become one of Napa Valley’s most sought-after viticulturists. For nearly 40 years, he has been dedicated to his craft, producing premium wine grapes using traditional and contemporary hand-farming methods. Jim has planted and managed many prominent vineyards in the valley, including Hundred Acre, Blankiet, Revana, Seaver Vineyards, and Casa Piena. Jim is an outdoorsman and devoted fly fisherman and when he’s not working in a vineyard, he can be found barbecuing in his backyard, relaxing at his mountain cabin, or knee-deep in the running waters of a stream filled with rainbows and browns.

Cassie B


World traveler, Cassie B, is big love in a small package. She is at once fiercely loyal and endlessly sweet, that is until you try to take her football. But why would you ever dare try? Abounding with energy she can also, without a doubt, power-nap you under the table. Living her very best QTR life everyday Cassie is, in short, our perfect QTR dog.